WATCH: UNC Baseball Players Photobomb Teammate's Interview to Perfection With Choreographed Dancing and Eating

Watch UNC pitchers clown around as their teammate is interviewed.

The UNC baseball program is clearly committed to making baseball fun again.

Implementing their own version of Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper's MLB campaign, the Tar Heels bullpen crew enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame during their game Monday night against Notre Dame.

The players' antics were part of a prank they started when pitcher Zac Gallen was being interviewed in the dugout. The players proceeded to interrupt the interview accordingly, placing a piece of bubblegum on top of Gallen's hat.

It was only the beginning. The bullpen also used bananas as phones (hello?) and Gatorade cups as goggles. When the banana phones were pulled out, you know it was real.

As the prank escalated, Gallen's fellow pitchers started to dance. One pitcher performed "the whip" so hard his hat flew off. Another player ate watermelon.

Though the UNC baseball players had lots of fun while playing baseball, they still won the game 8-1. No need for relief pitching.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock