WATCH: UNC's Mascot Got Sucker Punched After Villanova's Buzzer Beater

OK, the fan was really hurting after the dagger by Kris Jenkins, but why sucker punch your own mascot?

Tar Heel Mascot

You can imagine how upset North Carolina fans were after losing the NCAA National Championship to Villanova on a 3-point shot at the final buzzer. Seeing all of the 'Nova fans going crazy and celebrating their win had to be frustrating for the Tar Heel faithful.

But one UNC partisan took out his or her anger by assaulting the Tar Heel Mascot.

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In the video tweet below, you'll see the shot go in and the fans go nuts, but keep an eye on the North Carolina mascot in the bottom left corner. The mascot gets up and either a UNC fan or a UNC cheerleader stands up and sucker punches the ram.

We're not sure of the motive behind the punch, but why hit your own mascot? He is in just as much pain as all the other diehard Tar Heel fans. Check out the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock