WATCH: Usain Bolt's 2-in-1 Decline Sit-Up with Bench Press

Track superstar Usain Bolt demonstrates a complex core movement that strengthens his abs, chest and back.

Among other things, the "World's Fastest Man" is gearing up to race in New York City in June. It will be the first time he races there since he set the world record in 2008. Although some are saying Usain Bolt will not win in Rio 2016 (he ranks second behind Justin Gatlin), it looks to us like he's still taking his competitors and his performance very seriously.

Bolt recently Instagrammed a video in which he performs a Sit-Up on a decline bench, combined with a Chest/Shoulder Press. It looks like he uses momentum from the Press to propel his Sit-Up, although he still manages to isolate the movements, as you can see in the slo-mo video. At the top of the Sit-Up, after his arms are fully extended, as he brings the bar back down to his chest, his core moves his torso a fraction higher before he returns to the starting position.

He captioned the post, "Great way to start the week...Let no one drain your energy this week...#Energy #Ignite #ForeverFaster #PositiveEnergy."

Check it out below:


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock