WATCH: Virginia Tech WR Devin Wilson Makes One-Handed Grab, Shakes Off Defensive Back In Practice

Based on this video, it's easy to understand why Virginia Tech hoopster Devin Wilson was invited to join the Hokies' football team.

Virginia Tech WR Devin Wilson Makes One-Handed Grab In Practice, Shakes Off Defensive Back

Virginia Tech basketball player Devin Wilson has outstanding athletic skills, but they won't be confined to the hardwood this fall.

On Thursday, Wilson was offered an opportunity to play for the Hokies' football team. He was a three-star football recruit out of high school, turning down an offer to play receiver for North Carolina State. Now he will play for both Virginia Tech's football and basketball teams.

In this video of a Hokies football practice, Wilson makes a play that resembles going up for a dunk. As he comes out of his break against cornerback Elisha Boyd, it looks like he will be unable to make the catch. The two battle for position, and Wilson (arguably) commits offensive pass interference as he tips the ball to himself and makes the catch.

Check out video of the two-sport athlete making an Odell Beckham Jr.-esque catch below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock