We Still Can't Figure Out How Stanford Wide Receiver Francis Owusu Made This Incredible Touchdown Catch

Watch this play and see if you agree that's it's the catch of the year.

Francis Owusu

Yes, the touchdown catch shown below by Stanford wide receiver Francis Owusu borders on the absurd. Backpedaling into the back of the end zone with a defender draped all over him, Owusu catches the ball in mid-hug, pinning the football against the defender's back as both players tumble to the ground. Touchdown! Catch of the year!

What makes this play even more crazy is the call that led to it. Stanford's quarterback, standing in the shotgun, takes the snap and hands the ball off to his running back. The RB begins to run right, then tosses the ball back to the backup quarterback, who had lined up wide to the right. The backup QB launches the bomb to Owusu for the score.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock