Webletes.com Kicks Off Second Half of Football Combine Camps

Football players: It's not too late to register for the Webletes.com combine tour, coming to a city near you.


Webletes.com is gearing up for the second half of their 17-city High School Football Combine Camp Tour. In May, they will host 10 combines in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Want to test your skills against your region's best talent? Attend one of the Webletes.com combines to showcase your skills in combine testing, competition agility drills and 1 on 1's. Elite athletes from each camp will receive prizes and could be featured on STACK.com.

Khari Banksa, a combine attendee from Mt. Juliet, Tenn., said "This is the most competitive camp I have attended. It's different because the instructors helped you as you went along. It wasn't just 'do your best' and on to the next station. After your first attempt at each station, you received help to improve your next rep."

Athletes of all talent levels are encouraged to attend a combine, not to only improve their on-field abilities, but also to gain exposure and recognition. Webletes.com also offers a chance for you to dominant your competition even before the combine begins, with their Battle of the Week. Every week, Webletes features two highlight videos side-by-side on their homepage and allows people to vote for their favorite. Athletes who win the Battle of the Week get free admission to the combine of their choice. For regular registration, click here.

Remaining 2013 Webletes.com Football Camps

  • Apr. 21 - Charlotte, N.C.
  • May 10 - Chicago, Ill.
  • May 11 - Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • May 12 - Detroit, Mich.
  • May 17 - Indianapolis, Ind.
  • May 18 - Louisville, Ky.
  • May 19 - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • May 24 - Marietta, Ohio
  • May 25 - Columbus, Ohio
  • May 26 - Cleveland, Ohio
  • June 21 - Hiram, Ohio

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock