Building a Foundation of Strength

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When you step into the weight room for the first time ever—or even after a long break—your muscles are not prepared to handle heavy weight exercises. Not only do you lack the necessary strength, your nervous system is unable to effectively stabilize and activate your muscles during an exercise movement pattern. Also, you may feel that you have a lack of control while lifting, which can actually reduce the effectiveness of your training.

To eliminate any exercise awkwardness, your muscles should be progressively prepared to work harder and harder. Accomplish this by easing into your strength training with light weight and high reps. Your muscles will become stronger and have more endurance, and your nervous system will be conditioned to stabilize and activate them. After four to six weeks, the stage will be set for an increased workload to develop strength.

When you finish building your muscular base, you can start to drop the amount of reps and add weight. This challenges your muscles, which gradually develop increased contractile force to help you meet your strength goals.

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