3 Ways to Improve Your Athletes' Weight Room Work Ethic

Coaches, get your young athletes to work harder in the gym with these three tips.

Weight Lifting

Every off-season, high school coaches face the challenge of developing a strength and conditioning plan to keep their athletes in shape. That's the easy part. The tough part is making sure the athletes actually adhere to the program.

Many athletes new to high school sports underestimate the real work required of them in the weight-room. Online calendars and meetings can help, but nothing will help if the athletes lack a strong work ethic.

Here are three ways to improve your athletes' work ethic in the weight room.

Explain How Weight Training Helps

Coaches have more success when they emphasize how their prescribed workouts improve performance on the field. The coach who motivates, teaches and demonstrates the benefits of off-season weight room work has a better chance of getting through to his or her athletes. Get specific. Explain how certain exercises translate to better performance in your sport.

Show, Don't Tell

As a coach, you can influence your athletes to work harder by participating in the exercises. Showing the athletes how to do something is always better than telling them how to do it. Demo a lift while you explain the finer points of technique to make sure your athletes know what you want them to see.

Create Challenges Every Day

After they complete the day's workout, come up with a fresh challenge for your athletes, one that involves competition. Some options: How many dips can you complete in one minute? How many push-ups? How many tire flips? Cater the challenge to fit your sport.

Use these techniques to make sure your athletes are energized and engaged in the weight room, and you'll see more success next season.
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