'Welcome to Hitchcock' TV series in the Works

New TV series is an homage to legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock.

A TV anthology titled Welcome to Hitchcock is in the works at the NBC-Universal-owned Universal Cable Productions. The series is inspired by the master of suspense and his unique brand of storytelling, which has been imitated by filmmakers for many decades. An entire season will be devoted to the exploration of a single crime or mystery.

Dawn Olmstead, executive vice president of development at Universal Cable Productions, said. "Long after his death, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be one of the most celebrated directors and visionaries in the world, a master manipulator of the macabre," adding that they are honored that the director's estate "has put its trust in our studio to pay homage to his work."

On behalf of his estate, the director's granddaughter expressed confidence in UCP's ability to carry on his legacy.

High profile filmmaker Chris Columbus (Harry Potter franchise) is serving as a producer of the anthology and will also direct the pilot episode.

Though many details are being kept under wraps at this point, it has been reported that the show will re-imagine stories that Hitch brought to the screen. The producers have plenty of material to choose from classic films like Psycho, Strangers on a Train and Vertigo, to his popular 1950s and 60s TV series, still being shown in reruns.

It has been 36 years since the iconic director died, but the numerous reboots of his films and television series, along with multiple biopics and adulation from contemporary directors, proves that his amazing contributions to the suspense and horror genres are as relevant as ever.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock