Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Welcome to the Jungle' Features Wild Humor

Jean-Claude Van Damme tries his hand at comedy in the zany 'Welcome to the Jungle,' opening Feb. 7, 2014. Check out the trailer at STACK Gamer.

In Welcome to the Jungle, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays former Marine Storm Rothchild, who leads a group of unsuspecting office workers on a corporate retreat gone wrong. The pencil pushers wind up on a deserted island, far out of their comfort zone, where they are forced to battle the wilds of nature—and maybe each other—just to survive.

The cast features many other notables, including Adam Brody (Burning Love), Megan Boone (The Blacklist), Kristen Schaal (30 Rock) and Dennis Haysbert (The Unit). At the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival, the cast won the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking – Ensemble Cast."

The picture was co-produced and directed by Rob Meltzer, best known for the TV documentary series Arrest & Trial. It marks the screenwriting debut of newcomer Jeff Kauffmann.

The trailer shows a fast-paced, raucous, irreverent film that seems to parody reality shows, specifically Survivor, while delivering a frat house style of wacky humor. Van Damme's comedy skills are surprisingly good, considering this is his first attempt at the genre. He seems comfortable poking fun at himself by playing an outrageous version of an intense action film hero.

Welcome to the Jungle opens in theaters Feb. 7, 2014.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock