What LeBron James's NBA Finals Practice Kicks Tell Us About the Future of His Signature Sneaker Line

LeBron James has been rocking pairs of his old kicks during the NBA Finals. Could retro versions of his sneakers finally be on their way?

Throughout his career, LeBron James has brought sneaker heat to the basketball court, but when he laces up shoes he hasn't worn in years, you know the moment is truly special for him. That's what LeBron has been doing throughout the NBA Finals: bringing out some of the oldest kicks from his signature sneaker line with Nike to wear during morning shootarounds and team practices.

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His best came ahead of Game 1 in Oakland, when LeBron de-iced a pair of his very first kicks, the Nike Air Zoom Generation, which he wore his rookie year. This particular white and silver model was made in celebration of LeBron's winning the Rookie of the Year award at the end of the 2003-2004 NBA season.

LeBron wasn't done, though. Far from it. In a practice session before Game 2, he busted out an all-red version of the Nike Zoom LeBron IV, a shoe that was originally released in November of 2006.

Finally, during yesterday's morning shootaround before the series shifted back to Cleveland, James sported a pair of white and gold Nike Zoom LeBron IIIs.

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There have long been rumors, from both hopeful sneakerheads and industry insiders, that Nike would soon begin to retro LeBron's sneaker line, much like Air Jordan has been doing for years with Michael Jordan's kicks. Nike and LeBron have kept silent on that possibility, but with 13 signature sneakers already to his name and the huge amount of revenue LeBron's kicks and apparel have already brought to Nike, it would make sense for LeBron and the Swoosh to start bringing back old LeBron sneakers, which the younger generation missed out on.

LeBron's recent lifetime deal with Nike has stoked the coals of that fire, as has the report from Nice Kicks that the LeBron IV shown above had LeBron's updated crown logo on the collar strap over the tongue, giving credence to the rumor that the shoe could be a forthcoming retro model.

With all of that information at hand, something tell us it won't be long before the Nike Air Zoom Generation is back in stores, followed by the rest of LeBron's past kicks. And that, my friends, is incredibly exciting.

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