Sneak Peek at Nike's 'What the Kobe'

Nike has offered a peek at the 'What the Kobe' version of the Kobe 8 signature shoe, featuring a mash-up of colors and designs from other Kobe 8s.

Nike Kobe 8

NBA baller Kobe Bryant's latest signature shoe, the Kobe 8, is the most recent one to get Nike's "What The" treatment.

The "What The Kobe" features a mash-up of all colors and styles in one series. The shoes include swatches from all the Kobe 8 System sneakers released over the past year. To call them colorful would be an understatement. They aren't for everyone, but they at least command your attention for a minute or two while you try to identify all the different models represented. At first glance, we can see the Mambacurial, the Year of the Snake collection, and the Christmas edition colorway. Which ones do you see?

The Kobe 8 System launched in November 2012, inspired by the LA Lakers All-Star shooting guard's on-court alter-ego, the Black Mamba.

"I'm always focused on improving my game, to perform at my best. I want my shoes to mimic the speed of my game. By shaving fractions off the height and weight, they allow me to play faster with more control so I can maneuver across the court. I want to feel like I'm moving at the speed of light," Bryant says.

Nike has not yet announced whether the shoes will be offered in retail stores. If they do, it's unclear how many will be released. But if the past is any indication, these sneakers will be hard to come by.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock