21 People Every Athlete Should Follow on Twitter

Maximize your time on Twitter with these 21 must-follow sports-based feeds.

Twitter can be funny, interesting, entertaining, useful and just flat out awesome. But it all depends on whom you follow! Knowing who to follow on Twitter isn't easy. It seems like anyone and everyone has an account nowadays. But a select few individuals stand out from the crowd. Whether they're hilarious, insightful, motivational, informative, controversial or just really weird, their tweets simply can't be missed. Here are the 21 people every athlete needs to follow on Twitter.

Pat McAfee

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is a fantastic player. He boots the ballhe can hit and he can even recover his own onside kick. His Twitter account is equally as great. McAfee's tweets are funnycomplimentary and informative. He also regularly responds to and interacts with fans, especially if they're rocking his jersey.

Adrian Wojnarowski

If you're a big NBA fan, Adrian Wojnarowski is a must follow. An NBA Insider for Yahoo Sports, Woj is usually the first to tweet breaking news from around the league. In the form of his patented "WojBombs" (tweets containing breaking news), Wojnarowksi gives his followers the latest info on blockbuster trades, free agent signings and coaching changes. Smart NBA fans don't buy a rumor until Wojnarowski fires off a tweet to confirm or deny it.

Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiac surgeon, host of The Dr. Oz Show and a STACK contributor. His tweets cover everything health-related, from smart recipes to skin care to fitness tips. He frequently reaches out to his followers for health-related questions and answers them in detail on his show.

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco's Twitter account is like a car wreck you can't look away from. Bizarre, funny and eclectic, the former MLB slugger shares his thoughts on everything from Ebola to Falafels. He recently tweeted a virtual hug to Clayton Kershaw after a bad outing and has some very interesting theories on extraterrestrials (they're just us from the future). Ok, Jose. Whatever you say.

Darren Rovell

Darren Rovell is a reporter for ESPN, and his tweets cover everything you'd ever want to know (and then some) about the business side of sports. From new uniforms to new commercials to new concession stand creations, Rovell is always the first to know and eager to share with his followers. He is often criticized for his robotic business-minded analysis of certain events (such as horrific injuries), but watching his followers hate on him is half the fun.

Sam Monson and Pete Damilatis


Pro Football Focus is a website that watches every single down of NFL football and assigns player's grades based on their performance. If you want to know who is actually playing well (or poorly) in the NFL, give some of their staff members a follow. Pete Damilatis and Sam Monson are both analysts at PFF and frequently tweet fascinating stats and insight.

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. "The Rock," is one motivated man. His Twitter is flooded with inspirational quotes, weight room pictures and even his personal workout plans. Spend a few minutes on The Rock's account and you'll suddenly find yourself itching to hit the weight room. It's no wonder that guys like Devin Hester and Jimmy Graham follow him. It also doesn't hurt that he's a great guy who's never afraid to have fun at his own expense.

Larry Winget

Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt. Motivational speaker Larry Winget's Twitter will do exactly that. Winget isn't interested in excuses; he's interested in results. Think of Winget like that coach who was always super hard on you, but only because he knew your potential. Next time you don't feel like hitting the gym or studying for that test, pull up Winget's Twitter.

Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry, a.k.a. "The Talented Mr. Roto," is ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst. If you're sick of losing to your buddies in fantasy sports, Berry is a must follow. He'll give you all the info you need to dominate your league, and he frequently responds to his followers' questions. He frequently tweets out his "sleeper picks," giving you plenty of chances to make waiver wire moves and find that diamond in the rough.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a self-made billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group. Branson is a firm believer in hard work and entrepreneurship, and his Twitter account provides tons of motivational stories and words of wisdom. Branson has always thought big (as evidenced by ventures such as Virgin Galactic), and he isn't afraid to encourage his followers to do the same.

Joel Embiid

If you haven't been following Joel Embiid, you've been missing out. The Philadelphia 76ers' big man takes a no-holds barred approach to Twitter, pretty much tweeting out any thought that pops into his head. The results are usually hilarious. In only the last few months, Embiid has blocked LeBron's Twitter, created a fictional relationship with Rihanna and gotten really mad about Shirley Temples. Why should you follow Embiid? Because you've got no idea what he's going to tweet out next.

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer is a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and is widely considered one of the most promising young pitchers in baseball. Bauer treats pitching like a science, and his Twitter account is full of conversations with young pitchers asking him questions about mechanics and the art of pitching. Bauer also maintains a YouTube channel where he answers questions from Twitter followers in great detail. If you want to get into the mind of a MLB pitcher who takes his craft very seriously, give Bauer a follow.

JaVale McGee

Denver Nuggets big man JaVale McGee is kind of a weird dude. His Twitter account reflects that. In his bio, McGee claims to be an innovator of the "self retweet" and "the finger 'stache." He also has an alter-ego by the name of "Pierre" and he spearheads the #JugLife movement (which encourages people to drink a gallon of water a day.) McGee is a good-natured goofball, and scrolling through his Twitter account is sure to put a smile on your face.

Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas is a college basketball analyst for ESPN. His Twitter account is a bastion of insight about anything and everything college basketball, and he is a firm defender of college athletes' rights. While that's all well and good, what makes Bilas's Twitter account so great is his daily Young Jeezy tweets. Bilas is a massive Jeezy fan who usually tweets out lyrics every morning followed by the phrase "I gotta go to work." Jeezy and college basketball on the same Twitter account? That's worth a follow.

Paul Bissonnette

Unless you're a huge hockey fan, you've probably never heard of Paul Bissonnette. A career fourth-liner, Bissonette's Twitter showcases his unique, unedited personality. Self-deprecating and combative, Bissonnette has built a huge following on social media. If Happy Gilmore was a little bit better at hockey, I'm guessing his career wouldn't have been too different from Bissonnette's.

Buster Olney

If you only follow one baseball account on Twitter, make sure it's Buster Olney. The senior baseball writer for ESPN, Olney has his finger firmly on the pulse of Major League Baseball. He tweets out stats, stories, breaking news and inside information regularly, making him a one-stop shop for baseball fans. Look to Olney for the most up-to-date news this hot stove season.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's Twitter account is about one thing: straight cash, Homie. They don't call him "Money Mayweather" for nothing, and the extravagant lifestyle he shows off on his Twitter feed will leave you green with envy. Brash, arrogant and cocky, Mayweather isn't afraid to throw a jab at a fellow fighter via social media. He also has a habit of tweeting out pictures of his insane gambling winnings. If you've ever wondered what life is like with a bottomless bank account, follow Floyd.

Faux Bo Pelini

There's a boatload of parody accounts on Twitter, but Faux Bo Pelini might be the best. A parody of Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini, Faux Pelini is a constant source of funny tweets, pictures and interactions. Faux Pelini has become so popular that even the real Pelini has acknowledged and conversed with him. If you're in the mood for a laugh, Faux Pelini is one account you need to follow.

Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter is an NFL Insider for ESPN and the go-to guy for the latest football news. Schefter's tweets cover trades, injuries, personnel moves, stats, court hearings, etc. He's got sources all over the league, and if a big story is going to break, rest easy, knowing that Schefty's got you covered.

Brandon McCarthy

New York Yankees pitcher Brandon McArthy might be the most entertaining baseball player on Twitter. McArthy's in tune with the world of sports, and most of his tweets poke fun at athletes or media members. It's refreshing to see an athlete speak his mind and share his thoughts openly about current events. Especially when it's funny.

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