Ask the Experts: Will Conditioning Workouts Make Me Faster?

Learn why conditioning workouts that leave you winded and dripping with sweat are not the best way to increase speed.

Q: Will conditioning workouts make me faster?

A: Conditioning workouts that involve repeated sprints will leave you out of breath, but they won't necessarily make you faster. In fact, working to fatigue will slow you down and limit potential speed gains. To train for top speed, you must avoid exhaustion so you can sprint at your full speed during each rep. This will challenge the muscle fibers responsible for sprinting and reinforce proper running technique.

To avoid excessive fatigue, you need perform your speed work toward the beginning of your workout, before any strength training exercises or conditioning drills. Also, you need to recover fully between sets. Aim to rest for three to five times longer than the time it takes to complete your sprint drill. Check out some of the best speed workouts.

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