Will Lex Luthor Be a Tattooed Street Thug?

In the upcoming 'Batman vs. Superman' movie, how far will Warner Bros. go in changing Lex Luthor to appeal to a new, younger audience?

Lex Luthor

The casting of Jesse Eisenberg to portray iconic supervillain Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie hinted at a change of direction for the character. How far is Warner Bros. willing to go to appeal to a younger crowd? Quite far if the latest rumor coming out of tinsel town is to be believed!

In an article by El Mayimbe in Latino Review, Lex Luthor's backstory sees him rise from common street thug to self-made billionaire by the age of 18. Raised on the streets, Lex became the leader of a gang at an early age. According to the article, "He learned early on that there was someone always bigger and stronger but never smarter. According to Lex, strength isn't everything. Resolve is."

LR also reports that Lex dislikes Bruce Wayne for inheriting his wealth instead of working for it, and that the two conspire to combine their companies for the betterment of Metropolis: "Lex doesn't intend to go toe to toe with anybody, because he believes you don't get to be a general by charging the front lines with the rest of the troops."

In appearance, Lex will still be bald, according to the article. He will also sport a lot of tattoos, including a full sleeve depicting the Metropolis skyline.

Writer Chris Terrio (Argo) is currently working on a script re-write, so the character backstory and description could change by the time we see it on the big screen. But this at least gives us a clearer view of where Warner Bros. hopes  to take the villain.

Batman vs. Superman is slated to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock