Wilson's New "Spin" On Racquet Technology

Wilson's new Spin Effect Technology has the potential to improve any tennis player's game just by adding additional spin to the ball - up to 200 RPMs.

Wilson Steam 105S

Tennis players rejoice! Wilson plans to unleash their Spin Effect Technology this coming January. Without altering the swing in any way, it has the potential to improve any tennis player's game just by adding additional spin to the ball.

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Wilson claims their racquet technology has the potential to add up to 200 revolutions per minute to a player's shot—effectively lowering the net by two inches and making the court a foot longer—without altering the swing in any way. In other words, tennis players can add speed to their hits and increase spin on a ball just by picking up one of Wilson's new racquets.

The technology was tested at Wilson's Innovative Center for spin rotation, speed and height. Wilson's engineers found that fewer cross strings in the new spin racquets bounce back into place more quickly, giving players more control. According to the company, Wilson's spin racquets give players "3.3 times more string movement and 69 percent more snap back." In addition to spin technology, Wilson added "Amplifeel 360," a technology that the company says improves the racquet's feel and gives it more power.

January 2013: Wilson's new technology will be available in two models—the Steam 99S and the Steam 105S (pictured above). The 99S has a 99-square-inch frame, while the 105S has a 105-square-inch frame.

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Although there are many different types of tennis strings, Wilson representatives say that their Spin Effect Technology racquets get best results with Luxilon 4G strings. Even tennis pros like Serena Williams use Luxilon 4G strings to add spin to their game.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock