No More Teasers: Full Trailer for 'The Wolverine' Released

Check out the new trailer for "The Wolverine." It reveals a plethora of details about the upcoming Hugh Jackman film.

At long last, and in the wake of viral trailer teasers, the official Wolverine trailer is finally here.

Hugh Jackman returns to his iconic role, but that's about as far as similarities go to the previously released Marvel adaptation, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As io9 pointed out, comic geeks will pick up on more than Jean Grey showing up. We also see Viper and Silver Samurai. Where exactly Marvel is going with this Japan-themed adaptation, we're not sure; but judging from the available footage, it's sure to be action-packed. It's almost as if the teasers gave us too little, and the trailer gives us too much. World War II? Ninjas? Bullet trains? Add in the cameos, and it seems like we're in for a filmic smörgåsbord.

io9 pointed out how refreshing it is to see Wolverine depressed at the beginning of the film. This failed to come through in earlier adaptations. Although it appears the Wolverine will be taking a plethora of liberties—par for the course with Marvel—the film might do a better job exploring the issue of immortality, which it tackles head on. At this point, people suspect, but no one is certain, that the plot will involve Wolverine's mortality. Based on the trailer, almost everyone agrees this will be a palate cleanser after X3 and Origins.

The Wolverine hits theaters in July, but it's not the only Marvel movie releasing teasers. If you haven't already, check out the Iron Man 3 Facebook contest, where you can unlock different suits of armor for Tony Stark. Iron Man 3 will beat The Wolverine into the public consciousness, hitting theaters in April.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock