Gain a Competitive Edge With Women's Soccer Training Equipment

Learn about three state-of-the-art soccer training tools that can help you analyze your skills, focus on weak areas, and train more efficiently.

Women's Soccer

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Shooting, dribbling and passing are three skills that every female soccer player needs to be successful on the field. How do you get better in every one of those areas? By using state-of-the-art training equipment. There are hundreds of products that players can use to get an edge, but which ones work the best to improve your game?

Traditional women's soccer training equipment includes cones, agility ladders and speed hurdles—all known for helping players boost their speed and agility. But in the midst of the digital era, technological innovation is pushing female soccer players to the next level.

SKLZ StarKick Soccer Trainer

One of the most versatile pieces of training equipment available, the StarKick Soccer Trainer allows you to practice your skills without wasting time chasing the ball. The ball is held by a glove at the end of an 18-foot-long cord attached to a band around your waist. You can focus on passing with both the inside and outside of your feet, receiving and trapping the ball, instep shooting, ball handling and overhead throws. The SKLZ® StarKick Soccer Trainer lets you efficiently work on your skills, maximizing the number of touches to the ball and improving your shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control and throw-ins. Plus, you can use it almost anywhere.

Spark Motion App

The cutting edge technology of Spark Motion is revolutionizing the way women soccer players train (as well as athletes in virtually every other sport). Players at all levels are taking advantage of motion analysis technology by including Spark Motion in their training regimens. The Spark Pro app helps you identify and correct deficiencies in your game, both in real environments and remotely via an HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Coaches, trainers and medical practitioners can record video with an iPad and use the Spark Motion app to instantly analyze the data. The Screen Recorded Video (SRV) function lets them add verbal instructions and comments to the videos. This training and consultation technology is having a major impact on the way athletes, coaches, trainers and physicians work and collaborate.

The Spark Motion app also contains an e-commerce option, allowing trainers not only to share video with their recorded feedback, but also to charge for their analysis via a secure credit card transaction. The same level of tech security used in hospitals ensures that all video remains private between the trainer and user in a secure two-way communication portal.

SKLZ Balanz Board

If you're looking to improve your coordination and core strength, the Balanz Board is a great tool. An alternative to agility cones, the Balanz Board tilts and rocks to challenge your balance and overall coordination at three different levels—easy, medium or hard—and lets you put your skills to the test. Benefits include improved core strength, stronger stabilizer muscles and enhanced proprioception (body spatial awareness).

With more equipment options than ever before, women soccer players can analyze their skills, focus on weak areas, and train more efficiently to improve their game.

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