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LT21 App Over the past 11 years, LaDainian Tomlinson has used his speed, power and explosiveness to rewrite the record books for the running back position. Now you can power up your running game LT-style with the LT21 App (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

The LT21 App features 16 workouts that Tomlinson uses to develop his unmatched skill set. Broken down into four cycles with four programs each, the workouts are designed to improve strength, power, explosiveness and overall athleticism. Each cycle has a built-in progression that will continually challenge your body.

LT's workouts are presented in an easy-to-use interface. After you select your cycle and workout, all you need to do is swipe to the left to move through the workout. Each exercise features a detailed description of proper technique; and if you need more explanation, you can click the image for a video of LT performing the movement with audio instruction.

An important feature of the app is the exercise log. When you complete an exercise, you can quickly enter the reps performed and weight used for the set. When you are finished, you get a detailed breakdown of your workout, so you can track your progress and see improvement.

The workouts  require basic equipment found in any weight room—including an agility ladder, mini hurdles, cones, med ball, plyo box and resistance bands. They are organized in a circuit, so you perform them in a set sequence. Since they are LT's workouts, the primary focus is lower-body plyometrics and speed drills. However, strength, upper-body and core exercises are also included.

We found the workouts offer an excellent challenge. We particularly enjoyed the plyo exercises and speed drills since they were obviously inspired by LT's training program. The app was easy to use throughout the workouts and was not a distraction. Overall, the LT21 App is a great way to help you become a better athlete.


We learned more about the LT21 App workout through an exclusive interview with LT.

STACK: Why did you decide to create the LT21 App?
I decided to create it because people want to work out on the go. And what's one thing you always have with you? Your iPhone or iPad. The idea that you can work out practically anywhere makes it easier to get your workout in. Also, my workouts and my hard work over my career have been documented, so I wanted to give people a taste of how a pro athlete trains.

STACK: What are your favorite features of the app?
I like that you can actually watch a video demonstration of each exercise. It first describes the exercise—what to do, sets and time. But it also shows you how to do it, so you can see how it's supposed to look. That's one of my favorites because it's hard to tell people how to do something. It's better to show them.

I also like the workout log feature. Our bodies react differently to workouts. By tracking your workout, you know exactly what you are doing. This really is a cool thing, because sometimes you might forget what you did the previous workout and then you can't challenge your body.

STACK: Do these workouts include exercises you regularly perform? How do they improve your football game?
The workouts include exercises and drills that I regularly perform, like chops, plyometrics and quick feet drills. These are things that I actually do to make me a better football player, because they are all the same type of movements that I do on the football field. Even the ab workouts make me a better player. To me, your core is the foundation of your body. If you have a strong core, it helps you perform at a higher level.

STACK: What are the goals of the workouts?
Anyone who performs these workouts will see major improvements overall. They will be much stronger, leaner and more fit. They will also improve their overall athleticism. They will increase foot quickness, speed, vertical jump and nearly all other skills required to be a superior football player.

STACK: Who do you recommend should perform these workouts?
LT: Anyone who is willing to challenge himself. Ultimately, athletes are the main focus, because these are athletic movements. However, I think anyone who wants to challenge himself or herself to a higher level and a higher standard will greatly benefit from this program. Do these workouts if you want to train like an athlete.

STACK: What equipment do you need and where can you perform the workouts?
You need a few things like physioballs and med balls, but you really don't need much else to perform the workout. One thing that's great about the workouts is that you can perform them anywhere—at a park, field or even a hotel room. It's a low-maintenance program that is perfect for anyone who wants a good workout.

The LT21 App is available at the Apple App Store for $3.99. Visit for more information.

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