Fitness Fail Friday: World's Worst Ab Exercise

STACK found the world's worst ab exercise. Behold the Partner-Assisted Upside-Down Crunch.

Each Friday, STACK will bring you a video of an exercise gone horribly wrong. You may or may not learn something from it, but you will laugh very hard.

We've seen plenty of bad ab exercises, but the worst one of all in our opinion is the Partner-Assisted Upside-Down Crunch, invented and demonstrated by the two fine gentlemen in the above video. Watch it, then see if you agree with our observations below:

1. This video may have been uploaded on May 13, but there's no way it didn't happen during the last weeks of summer vacation. This is the type of thing people try only after they have spent three unsupervised months trying everything else.

2. Compression Shirt Guy for sure wears that shirt EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He may own other shirts, but he does not wear them.

3. A lot of planning went into parts of this stunt, but not others. For example, the guys start the song in the background just as the video begins. (How do we know this? Because we spent way too long trying to find it on YouTube. The song is "Release Me," by Crossbreed, and it goes downhill fast once the singing starts.) So the guys worked really hard to pick out and sync up the perfect soundtrack for their feat of strength, but they didn't consider moving the table full of sharp, heavy-sounding tools before they began.

4. Props to the videographer for making sure everything was OK by running in a circle right after things start to go awry. Double props for uploading the video to YouTube before Compression Shirt Guy could erase it.

5. Upside-Down Crunch Guy vanishes in the 1.5 seconds it takes the videographer to run in a circle. He wants no part of this video.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock