Wrestlers: Improve Escapes Off Bottom with Sandbag Get-Ups

The Sandbag Turkish Get-Up helps wrestlers improve their strength to get off the bottom when their opponent has upper position.

In wrestling, when the top guy is trying to hang on to secure riding time points—or still looking for a turn—wrestlers in the bottom position need to be strong and efficient to get to their feet. Simply put, you need to be wrestling strong.

At Functional Fitness-Applied Strength & Conditioning, we use a sandbag with the Turkish Get-Up to teach this strength. The use of the sandbag allows an athlete who lacks shoulder stability to move a greater load. It also provides a "dead weight," similar to an opponent riding high on the shoulders, that requires torso strength and stability to handle unsteady resistance. This exercise will give you the strength you need to drive off the ground and get out of the bottom position.

Use this as a strength exercise as well as for conditioning. Watch the video above to see how to perform the exercise.

Sandbag Turkish Get-Up Tips

  • Start with the sandbag over the same shoulder as your bent leg.
  • Move to your elbow and then your hand.
  • Raise and swivel your hips.
  • Keep a lateral torso in extension.

For more information, visit www.wrestlingstrong.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock