Wrestling Conditioning Training For Maximum Endurance

Build endurance for wrestling season with this wrestling conditioning program from STACK expert Danavir Sarria.

Wrestling matches can be grueling, so endurance is extremely important for wrestlers. If an athlete lacks this attribute, he or she will quickly run out of energy against fierce opponents.

Since wrestling is a combat sport based around grappling, it requires high levels of aerobic and anaerobic capacity. High aerobic capacity boosts recovery during and after a match, while high anaerobic lactic capacity promotes better performance during the action. (Learn 5 conditioning terms you should know.)

Planning a Training Program

It's important to know when and how to train both energy systems, because the two compete with each other.

First, when is your next match? Let's say it's in three months. Next, work backward to create your training program. In month one, dedicate three or four days a week to tempo runs for aerobic training, and try not to do too much wrestling. In month two, cut back to two days of aerobic training, increase wrestling practice and introduce one day of anaerobic lactic training. In month three, do one day of aerobic training, two days of anaerobic lactic training and increase wrestling practice.

Aerobic Training for Maximum Endurance

Usually, the difference between two seemingly well-matched wrestlers is their energy levels. The wrestler who tires sooner almost always loses the match. He or she simply cannot sustain force generation and apply techniques effectively when fatigued.

Developing the aerobic system prevents fatigue because oxygen is pumped more efficiently in the body. Tempo runs are perfect training for this.

First, pick a distance such as 45 yards. Jog back and forth until you feel that you are working at more than 70 percent intensity. Take a break until you feel almost fully recovered, and repeat. Do this six to twelve times, increasing the number of repetitions over time.

Anaerobic Lactic Training

As a grappling sport, wrestling requires a lot of scrambling, holds and throws. Unlike more striking-oriented combat sports such as MMA and boxing, grappling requires a high level of lactic endurance. This kind of wrestling conditioning training allows a wrestler to outlast opponents during bouts of action. To develop it, we use hurricane training.

Here is an example of a hurricane training session:

  • Sprints - 3x15 seconds
  • Chin-Ups - 3x6
  • Knee Grabs - 3x8; rest 60 second
  • Sprints -  3x15 seconds
  • Push-Ups - 3x8
  • Bicycles - 3x10; rest 60 seconds
  • Sprints - 3x15 seconds
  • Bicep Curls - 3x8
  • Sit-Ups - 3x8; rest 60 seconds

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock