Powerful Wrestling Psychology Tips For Getting Out of Near-Fall Position

A wrestling match is exhausting both physically and mentally. Use these sport psychology tips to maintain your edge next match.

High School Wrestling
Six minutes. That doesn't seem like a long time to maintain your energy. Unless you're wrestler and you find yourself in a near-fall position. The intensity required in wrestling three two-minute rounds makes it physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Although training and nutrition give you the physical energy, without mental strength you could find yourself completely gassed, ultimately making you an easy pin.

Here are some sport psychology tips to pick your energy up when you are down. Remember, mental skills need practice just like physical skills. Test out a variety of techniques during practice to see what give you the most power and energy.

Power Phrase

Your power phrase can be:

• A mission statement summarizing all that motivates your performance.
• An affirmation statement about yourself as a person and as an athlete regardless of circumstance; for example, "I am a fierce competitor."
• Energizing cue words. Typically one or two words that imply energy, such as "explode," "charge" or "lift off."

Either write the phrase on your body so you can see it during the match, or have your coach yell it out to you.

Power Imagery

Imagery is a powerful technique in sport psychology. It really demonstrates the mind-body connection. Think of something that has massive strength or power, like a missile, a hurricane or even a superhero. Once you have an image, repeat it in your head until you feel the energy to get out. Alternatively, imagine being your wrestling role model and pretend to him or her.

Power Breathing

Try circle breathing with an energizing twist. When you inhale, imagine you're breathing in all the energy of your opponent. When you exhale, imagine you're exhaling all your fatigue onto your opponent. Feel the energy upon the next exhalation and make your move for the reversal.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock