X-Men Live-Action Series May be Headed to Fox

The characters of 'X-Men' may be hitting television screens in the near future, according to reports from Fox.

Negotiations are underway between Fox and Marvel to bring a live-action X-Men television series to the network. It makes sense that the show would air on Fox, since 20th Century Fox, which owns the rights to the hugely popular movie franchise, is the network's counterpart.

The series will be written by Patrick McKay and John D. Payne, who are also collaborating on the screenplay for the film Flash Gordon. McKay and Payne will reportedly share "created by" credit for the new show with the writing and producing duo of 24, Evan Katz and Manny Coto, who are also on board to serve as show runners for the series.

Fox Chairman and CEO Dana Walden recently confirmed reports that they are in talks with Marvel over the prospect of such a program and clarified which characters could be featured, saying: "The characters from the X-Men franchise are with Fox on the feature side, so we won't be including Marvel characters that are at ABC with Disney. This will be exclusively the franchise as it has existed at Fox."

Walden went on to say that Fox's goal for the show is to make it a "long-running" series rather than a limited revival.

There are no guarantees that any of the actors in the films will reprise their roles for the TV adaptation.

This news isn't a complete surprise. Last spring Simon Kinberg, who wrote the franchise's Days of Future Past, set rumors swirling when he remarked that he thought a TV series was a good idea.


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