Xbox One Media Remote Arrives This Week

The Xbox One Media Remote arrives this week. Learn what to expect at STACK Gamer.

Microsoft is finally bringing us the Xbox One Media Remote. The device is expected to land in stores this Friday at a retail price of $25, which is 25% more than the Xbox 360 remote ($19.99).

The Xbox One remote is noticeably smaller than the 360's and features far fewer buttons. It is designed to make watching Blu-ray movies and streaming video on the console even easier. One of its features, the OneGuide button, will give gamers quick access to the Xbox program guide to TV shows and movies. Using the Kinect's IR-blasting capabilities, it can also control power and volume on a TV or receiver.

"To also control your television set, cable or satellite set-top box, or additional AV equipment, the Media Remote must sync with the console through an IR blaster. This can be done with an IR extender cable plugged into the back of the console (not included), or . . . through the Kinect sensor. IR blasting between the Media Remote and Kinect will work even if Kinect has been disabled in Settings," explained a Microsoft rep to Polygon.

The remote was first uncovered at Amazon. The online retail giant accidentally posted a pre-order page for the device, listing its official release date as March 4. The page now says the new remote will become available March 7.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock