Xbox One Coming in November for $499

Xbox One now has a release date and a price. Are you ready to pre-order, or are the Internet connection and shared game restrictions making you hesitate?

Xbox One

The Xbox One will be released stateside this November for $499. Microsoft revealed the price on Monday during a two-hour presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference in LA.

The price tag is the same as the PlayStation 3 in 2006. $499 was a lot then, and—if the E3 audience reaction was any indication—it is again now. Microsoft seemed aware that the price might not go over too well, inserting the reveal in the midst of news about the next-gen console's impressive game lineup. The Xbox 360, which hit retail shelves in November 2005, sold for $299.99 and $399.99, for its core and premium 20 GB editions, respectively.

A number of online retailers are already offering pre-orders of the Xbox One, including Amazon, GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy. And there's already one bundle that early birds can take advantage of. The Xbox One Day One Bundle comes with:

  • Xbox One Console (500 GB Hard Drive)
  • Blu-ray drive and Wi-Fi
  • Xbox One Kinect
  • One limited-edition controller
  • A token code to unlock Day One achievement
  • 14-day trial to Xbox Live Gold
  • Premium packaging and a few select DLCs

Though it was previously unclear, the company has since confirmed that they will allow users to play used games without a fee. But the console does require Internet access once every 24 hours. An early concern was Microsoft's focus on expanding the console's use beyond games. Interactive Entertainment President Don Mattrick attempted to allay those fears, stating: "As we've been promising, it's all about the games."

Are you convinced?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock