You Might Want to Start Paying Attention to Duke's Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett

This dynamic duo led the way for Duke in a couple of exhibition games.

If you aren't hip to the names R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson yet, you might want to acquaint yourself rather quickly. The two freshmen anchor Duke's basketball team, Williamson the hooper in a linebacker's body, Barrett the rangy wing from Canada. They were two of the most highly rated high school players in the country, and as the Blue Devils embarked on a exhibition tour in Canada over the weekend, you're beginning to get an understanding of how terrifying it is that they chose to attend the same school.

The two laid waste to the University of Toronto and McGill, slicing through each opponent's defense as if it were only for show, like the books you keep on your coffee table at home. Williamson and Barrett dropped 24 and 35 against Toronto, respectively, then went for 36 and 23 against McGill two days later. They even connected on a handful of ridiculous alley-oops.

Yes, it's exhibition games against Canadian schools. But Williamson and Barrett are going to be a major problem this season, and they're becoming must-watch television.