You'll Never Believe Who the Fastest Player was During the 2016 NFL Season

The identity of the NFL's fasted man may surprise you.

The NFL season is over and it's time to reflect on some of the top performances of the year. Thanks to NFL Next-Gen Stats, we can see who ran the fastest during a game this season.

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According to, here are the top 10 fastest ball carriers during the 2016 regular season.

1. Tyreek Hill (KC), 23.24 mph

2. Tyreek Hill (KC), 22.77 mph

3. DeSean Jackson (WAS), 22.60 mph

4. Stefon Diggs (MIN), 22.50 mph

5. Xavier Rhodes (MIN), 22.40 mph

6. Brandin Cooks (NO), 22.40 mph

7. Mike Wallace (BAL), 22.34 mph

8. Marquise Goodwin (BUF), 22.25 mph

9. Tevin Coleman (ATL), 22.25 mph

10. Johnny Holton (OAK), 22.23 mph

Running at a blazing 23.24 mph, Hill is the only player to reach 23 mph since the NFL started tracking speeds in 2015. Even Hill's second-fastest speed beats last year's fastest speed, set by Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford, who ran 22.60 mph.

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During Week 2 against the Houston Texans, Hill returned a kickoff 102 yards for a touchdown and blew by every defender trying to catch him. The play was unfortunately called back, but the speed was still very impressive.

The 22-year-old rookie had 61 catches for 593 yards and six touchdowns. He also ran the ball for 267 yards and three touchdowns. Hill is clearly the fastest man in the league, outpacing well-known speedsters such as DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace and Brandin Cooks.

 Tyreek Hill

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