Young Flag Football Star Puts On the Shake and Bake as He Leaves Opponents in the Dust

Watch a young superstar-in-the-making during a flag football game.

When you watch little kids play flag football, you can quickly identify the stars of the show. Some children don't have enough coordination to play, while others stand around and avoid playing—or they have a temper tantrum. But when you see a budding superstar, it's quite an experience.

That's what happens on this play. One player puts on some serious moves, reversing his field three times, weaving in and out of would-be defenders, stopping on a dime and turning on the jets to score a touchdown. OK, he does get a little help from his opponents. One kid refuses to chase him around. But no one could have stopped him on this run.

Watch the kid put on a juking clinic and score 6 in the video below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock