Youth Football Players Whip and Nae Nae in the Middle of a Play

Youth football players display showmanship and run for a touchdown at the same time.

Sometimes you gotta let the music move you.

That was certainly the case during a recent youth football game in Milford, Massachusetts, as players on both teams burst into emphatic dance, thanks to the playing of Silento's song "Watch Me Whip." What makes this video so funny is not the dancing so much as the fact that the players seamlessly integrate dancing with playing football. It's like interpretive dance football. One second they're stanky leggin', the next second they're running a halfback sweep.

The real question is how many flags would be thrown if this scenario played out in the NFL? A helicopter piloted by Roger Goodell would probably fly over the field and air drop a thousand flags for unsportsmanlike conduct. But unless and until Goodell becomes the commissioner of the Milford Mighty Mites league, nothing will stop these kids from getting their groove on.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock