View With Your Crew: Youngblood

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With the NHL regular season coming to a close and the playoff race heating up, teams that want to succeed need to be on the same page and stay especially focused. Luckily for the New Jersey Devils, star forward Zach Parise's Pick of the Week is a movie that can facilitate team bonding.

Youngblood [MGM]
Release Date: 1986
Starring: Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze
Rated: R

Dean Youngblood (Lowe) is a hotshot American farm boy who wants to leave his life to play in the NHL. To get scouted, he heads north to Hamilton, Ontario, where he clinches the final spot on a junior hockey roster. Dealing with the new level of competition, the ritual hazing and life away from home tests his limits, forcing him to wonder whether he's cut out to play at the pro level. Dean's mentor and team captain, Derek Sutton (Swayze), tries to teach him a little wisdom. But just when everything seems headed in the right direction, Derek suffers a career-ending injury, and Dean wants to give up his dream.

With only one game left to determine the junior championship, Dean must decide if he wants to play it safe or risk it all and chase his dream. How does the movie end? Well, it's a typical Hollywood ending.

STACK's Take: Dated? Yes. Unrealistic? At times. Oscar worthy? Not a chance. But this film is entertaining from start to finish. If you were born in the '90s and grew up on Mighty Ducks movies or corny hockey-player-turned-figure-skater films, you might not know what you're missing. Though a bit old, with action scenes graded C+ at best, Youngblood is an extremely engaging film to view with your crew. And who would have thought Keanu Reeves could play goalie? (True fact: he actually tended the net on his high school team in Toronto.)

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