Zach LaVine Used Dunk Contest Winnings to Buy a New Kitchen for a School for the Deaf

Zach LaVine is as generous off the court as he is spectacular on it.

Zach LeVine

Image via @Twolves_PR

Zach LaVine has already been immortalized for his dunking ability, a skill that has won him the NBA's Slam Dunk contest in back-to-back seasons. His latest philanthropic effort shows he's one of the best guys in the league off the court, too.

Lavine used part of his winnings from those dunk contests to help pay for a new kitchen at the Metro Deaf School in St. Paul, Minnesota, a facility that helps over 100 students who have hearing impairments. LaVine, who took sign language in high school, said he thinks the new kitchen will allow Metro students to gather and relax.

"I just thought it would be cool for them to be able to socialize and be able to hang out with each other, eat food together, instead of having to sit in class and eat," LaVine told the Associated Press.

LaVine interacted with many of students by attempting to sign with them during a recent visit. He reportedly stops by the school every now and then to play pick-up basketball with the kids and staff. As LaVine continues to evolve as a key element in the Minnesota Timberwovles' young nucleus, it's also encouraging to see the Washington native embed himself in his adopted community.

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