Zamst ZK-7 Knee Support System Reinforces Your Game

Reduce your risk of a knee injury this year. Brace yourself for impact with the Zamst ZK-7 knee ligament support system.

The engine is running hot for the upcoming football season. But did you know that knee injuries account for roughly 15 percent of all football injuries each year? Don't put yourself at risk. Brace yourself for impact with the Zamst ZK-7 knee ligament support system.

Zamst ZK-7 knee support

The Zamst ZK-7 can improve your performance while protecting you from sport-specific knee injuries.

The Zamst ZK-7 isn't just a knee brace, it's a support machine that allows for enhanced performance through its "freedom of movement" design and lightweight fabrication. Its EXO-Tech Quad four-way support system helps reduce the risk of tears and sprains to the major stabilizing ligaments of the knee, including:

  • ACL: Commonly torn during planting and/or twisting motions
  • PCL: Tear can occur as a result of crushing blow to the front of a bent knee
  • MCL: Most commonly injured by a direct blow to the outer side of the knee, causing it to bend inward
  • LCL: Sprain can occur with impact to the inner side of the knee, causing it to bend outward

The EXO-Tech Quad provides four-way ligament support with resin stays to support medial and lateral stability, while an X-strap and parallel straps provide effective anterior and posterior stability for the ACL and PCL.

The ZK-7's i-Fit technology creates a semi-open design that delivers an individualized fit to help prevent slipping. Flyweight material fabrication is designed with V-Tech flow-through ventilation, which enhances cooling while in motion.

Protect and reinforce your knees on the football field this season with the ZK-7. To learn more, visit the Zamst website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock