Zenni Eyeglasses Prevent Burning Eyes By Blocking Blue Light

Here's an inexpensive way to save your retinas and steer clear of headaches.

Give your eyes the gift of relief this holiday season by asking Santa for Zenni Sporty Rectangle Eyeglasses with "Beyond UV" lenses.

Beyond UV is a new type of lens that's capable of blocking harmful blue light from reaching your retina. High-energy visible blue light, which is emitted by devices like computers and smartphones, can cause eye strain, headaches and sleep disturbances.

Ever stare at your computer so long that your eyes start burning? That's blue light at work.

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The Zenni glasses protect you against these effects by absorbing the blue light before it reaches your eyes. More than just a protective coating, the protective material that makes Beyond UV work is incorporated throughout the lens, meaning that the glasses work just as well if they've been scratched.

Zenni Sporty Rectangle Eyeglasses

I started wearing the glasses about two months ago, using them throughout the workday. I thought this would be an apt test for eyewear that purports to protect you from computer-emitted light. As a writer and editor, I spend eight to 10 hours a day in front of a screen.

I found that wearing the glasses made my eyes feel less tired at the end of those days. The burning sensation I sometimes felt in the late afternoon did not occur when I wore the Zenni Sporty Rectangles.

But what I also found interesting about the Beyond UV lenses was how low-impact they were in relation to the non-digital world. The glasses don't distort your normal vision. They're not like those yellow or orange-tinted glasses you see gamers using, which make everything take on that tint. When you look out the window, or anywhere else in the real world, the view and colors you see through the Zennis are true-to-life.

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In that way, Zenni's Beyond UV offers the best of both worlds. I didn't notice them when I wasn't at the computer, and when I was, I could work for longer stretches without my eyes feeling tired or irritated. They're a regular part of my workday now. And they'd be equally helpful for any student who spends a lot of time looking at screens or tablets.

Best of all, the lenses come at a budget friendly price point. Zenni Sporty Rectangle frames cost less than $28, and with the lenses, they come in at less than $45. You can find the frame and lens combo that best matches your needs and desired look at zennioptical.com.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock