47-Year-Old Brett Favre is Looking Incredibly Jacked

Back in March, STACK showed you that one of the best quarterbacks of all time—Brett Favre—still has a cannon for an arm. Though it's been seven years since he last threw a pass in an NFL game, Favre still can rocket the ball to receivers.

It's pretty common for retired players to get out of shape. Once they're out of the league, they seem to forget about eating healthy and working out. But Favre is not one of those players. At 47 years old, he might be more jacked than he was when he played.

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Over Memorial Day weekend, as part of a "Flex 4 Forces" event promoted by the USO, Favre was challenged by country singer Tim McGraw to flex on social media. He took the challenge and surprised everyone with the size of his jacked arm.

Retirement must be treating Favre well; or maybe he's getting ready to come out of retirement again. But probably not.


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