Add LeBron James's Son to the List of People Talking Smack to Drake

It's been a tough playoff series for Toronto's prodigal son.

Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake, was feeling himself as his No. 1-seeded Raptors got ready to face the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight season, talking smack both on Instagram ahead of the series and from his courtside seat at the Air Canada Centre in Games 1 and 2. The results have not been pretty.

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The Raptors have lost three straight games to the Cavs, and are on the verge of being swept out of the playoffs by LeBron and Co. for the second straight year. While Drake has taken his fair share of ribbing, especially by the in-house DJ for the Cavs, DJ Stephfloss, he's now being roasted by someone even more high profile: LeBron James Jr.

Bronny took to Drake's Instagram comments on Monday morning, writing, very matter-of-factly, "your season ends tonight."

Drake might want to sit the rest of this series out.