After Being Released by the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant Gets Back in the Gym

When the Dallas Cowboys released their longtime wide receiver and former face of the franchise Dez Bryant last week, there was an overarching assumption that Bryant, going into his 9th season, is, as the kids say, "washed."

There are numbers to back up that notion. His yards per reception average was the lowest of his career last season. He caught just 6 touchdowns, second lowest of his career. He isn't getting the separation off the line of the scrimmage that fans are used to seeing from him.

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Naturally, Bryant will be determined to prove people who think he's on the downside of his career wrong, especially on a brand new team that could very well be in the same division as the Cowboys. So, just a few days after his release, Bryant is already back in the gym with trainer Jamal Liggin, preparing his body for what feels like the most important season of his career in a very long time.

Something tells us we're far from hearing the last of Bryant.