Ben Simmons Proves He's Fixed 'Broken Jumper' With New Video of Him Raining Deep 3-Pointers

After missing all of last season with a foot injury, NBA fans are clamoring to finally see Ben Simmons in action. Judging by his recent training footage, he looks ready to meet the hype.

One of the biggest knocks on Simmons coming out of LSU was his jump shot. According to The Ringer, Simmons hit just 13 of the 40 jump shots he attempted during his one season at LSU. His jumper was such a concern there was even a theory he was shooting with the wrong hand (Simmons shoots left-handed). None of this stopped the Philadelphia 76ers from drafting him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, and Simmons has spent a tremendous amount of time over the past year working on his jump shot.

Yesterday, he posted a video on Instagram of him draining nine consecutive deep 3-pointers:

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Know how many 3's Simmons made during his freshman season at LSU? One. So yeah, this is encouraging. "Rain drop, drop top, Oh S**t Ben Simmons Got a Jump Shot," Simmons writes in the caption. Simmons has also grown 2 inches since the 76ers drafted him, making him just a hair under 7-feet.

A 7-foot point guard with ridiculous athleticism and a silky jumper? Trust the process, indeed.