Boban Marjanovic Couldn't Take a Spin Class Because They Didn't Have Size 20 Shoes

It's the early days of the offseason for the Los Angeles Clippers, and some of their players are unsure of what to do with themselves without basketball or physical activity. So Boban Marjanovic, the Clippers 7-foot-3 center, called teammate Tobias Harris with a suggestion over the weekend: Let's go spinning.

The two friends were headed to SoulCycle on Sunday morning, looking forward to burning some calories on their bikes, when management informed them that they did not carry size 20 spin shoes that would fit the enormous feet of Marjanovic. Their morning was ruined, and Marjanovic was not happy.

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Will someone please open a business that specializes in spin class for NBA big men? You'd make a killing, and Marjanovic could finally be happy.