Darren Sproles' Pop Warner Highlights Are Absolutely Amazing

Darren Sproles has been making defenders look silly for a long, long time.

The versatile Philadelphia Eagles running back turned 34 today, so the Eagles' official Twitter account tweeted out a throwback video of his Pop Warner highlights. The sheer number of ankles Sproles breaks in this 59-second clip is astonishing:

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According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article, one pee-wee football league actually banned Sproles from running sweeps. Why? Because Sproles on a sweep was essentially a guaranteed touchdown. When the entire league is changing a rule for just one player, that's dominance.

Sproles hasn't grown too much since his Pop Warner days—he's currently listed at 5-foot-6—but his elusiveness still embarrasses defenders. Though he's rarely been used as a starting running back in the NFL, his 19,011 career all-purpose yards are the eighth-most in NFL history.