6-foot-11 Nikola Jokic Is Out Here Flipping Massive Truck Tires

Nikola Jokic has done a lot to transform his body since he arrived in Denver weighing almost 300 pounds in 2014. He stopped guzzling a river's-worth of Coke every day. He cut candy from his diet altogether. With guidance from Nuggets strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess, he completely revamped the rest of his diet. And he dedicated himself to putting in the necessary hours in the gym.

The results have been stunning. The Joker has dropped 30 pounds since he debuted as a Nugget, and he's slashed his body fat percentage from 21 to 9. But the work never stops in the NBA, and it appears that Jokic isn't taking any days off this summer as he looks to improve on a brilliant 2016-2017 season.

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This summer, Hess accompanied Jokic back to his home country of Serbia, and the two have been getting after it. Hess shared the above video of Jokic going through an intense tire workout, where Jokic first flips the tire—which Hess told STACK weighs 330 pounds—six times, then steps into the center of the tire, gets down into a Squat and jumps out. This is done four times.

With Hess presumably running Jokic's workouts all summer long, we wouldn't be surprised to see him in the best shape of his life come October. And that's a terrifying proposition for NBA defenses.