Despite His Shellfish Allergy, Adrian Peterson Has Been Tearing Up Oysters Since He Arrived In New Orleans

Adrian Peterson absolutely adores shellfish.

He's also allergic to it, which creates quite the conundrum for the 32-year-old New Orleans Saints running back.

AP made news five years ago when a bowl of shrimp gumbo caused his throat to close and his face to swell up. After rushing to a trainer, he ended up OK, but the scary reaction—known as anaphylaxis—helped him realize he'd developed an allergy to shellfish. Peterson had been eating shellfish his entire life, so the allergy caught him off guard. However, food allergies can suddenly appear in adults with little warning. The Mayo Clinic states that food allergies "can develop at any time of life. It isn't clear why, but some adults develop an allergy to a food they used to eat with no problem."

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Peterson was mostly able to resist shellfish while he was playing with the Vikings in Minnesota, but New Orleans is a seafood mecca. Since arriving in the Big Easy, Peterson says he's been "tearing up" charbroiled oysters with little issue. He recently told that he even plans on sampling some local gumbo. "I love gumbo," Peterson said. "I love seafood in general, so I will be eating some gumbo."

Peterson now knows how to handle anaphylaxis (he carries around an EpiPen at all times), but the fact that he's been this bold about trying foods he could have a potentially serious reaction to is pretty surprising. All the local fare doesn't seem to be doing his waistline any favors, either. "I was trying to stay away because when I first got here they (tested) my body fat and it was like 7 or 8%," Peterson said. "Two weeks later I did it, and it was like approaching 9 or 10%. I was like, I wanted to make sure I stopped eating so good, but it's so delicious."

Peterson missed almost all of 2016 with a torn meniscus. He can eat as much seafood as he wants, but if he winds up sidelined by a bowl of gumbo at some point during 2017, we're guessing the Saints' coaching staff will be less than thrilled.

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