Floyd Mayweather Announces New Global Fitness Venture

The highly anticipated "Money Fight" between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on Aug. 26 will be one of the most highly viewed and highly lucrative boxing events in the sport's history. While Mayweather's main purpose in terms of his current professional career is preparation for this fight, he has announced plans to continue his business endeavors after his bout with McGregor, which will likely be his last.

Floyd's new objective will be the success of "Mayweather Boxing & Fitness," his new global fitness venture. This enterprise will feature physical gyms, as well as a mobile app and Virtual Reality experience in order to give an extensive fitness experience.

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The philosophy of "Mayweather Boxing & Fitness" is not only to provide this unique experience but to afford it to everyone. Their goal is to provide high levels of fitness to people regardless of their socioeconomic status which can have a significant impact on nutrition and training, and the quality of these aspects of health.

"Our fitness experience will have programs for kids, parents and aspiring athletes—anyone who's looking to put energy into something positive—and they'll be accessible to all, including communities that don't currently have these kinds of facilities available," Mayweather shared.

In addition to the goals for accessibility, the operation will reveal Floyd's training methods and secrets that helped him become and remain an elite boxer for over 20 years.

"My whole life has been about boxing and about fitness, and now I'm taking everything I developed and bringing it into the fitness market...The training programs will be the best in the industry, all based on my own workout routines."

The flagship gym will open in Southern California this Fall. Click here to learn more.

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