Giancarlo Stanton Has Struck Out 20 Times in 42 At-Bats to Begin the 2018 Season

It's early. The weather is still frosty in New York City. He's having to adjust to American League pitchers after spending his entire career in the NL. These are all reasons why Giancarlo Stanton, the New York Yankees' prized offseason acquisition, might be struggling so mightily. But his stretch of futility to begin the 2018 season is unprecedented.

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Stanton has struck out five times in a game twice, both times without a base knock anywhere in-between. According to ESPN Stats & Info, that's the first time that's ever happened in the live ball era. The Yankees have played just 10 games.

In total, Stanton has struck 20 times in just 42 at-bats, resulting in an astronomical strikeout rate and earning boos from the Yankee faithful. It's not pretty. Fortunately for Stanton, there are 152 games left for him to turn things around. But he's making history in all the wrong ways.