Here's Myles Garrett Belt Squatting Over 800 Pounds

Myles Garrett is an enormous human being. Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing close to 280 pounds, Garrett is a physical specimen, more boulder than human being if a boulder possessed 4.64 foot-speed. After an injury-plagued rookie season, Garrett is looking to become a terror on the Cleveland Browns defensive line in 2018, and if offseason workouts are any indication, the dude is as healthy and as strong as ever.

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Garrett can be spotted in a montage of workout footage the Browns Instagram account put together recently going through some Belt Squat reps, and the man is throwing around a lot of weight. Like, over 800 pounds of it.

Imagine walking into a gym and seeing a guy over in the corner moving that kind of weight. I'd immediately turn around and exit from whence I came. We can't wait to see what Garrett has in store for year two.