Is Ben Simmons Adding a 3-Point Shot to His Game?

For as good as Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons' inaugural year in the NBA was, a campaign that could very well end with Rookie of the Year honors, there remains a glaring hole in his game: He doesn't really shoot.

Simmons' lack of a jumper heavily contributed to the 76ers' demise in the Eastern Conference semifinals this past season when the Boston Celtics packed the paint and took away Simmons' driving lanes due to a lack of fear of him hurting them from the outside.

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Although there was an expectation that Simmons would spend much of the offseason working on his jumper, it appears the former LSU standout might want to take his range even farther out.

A video posted to his Instagram account shows Simmons lofting a 3-pointer (and making it, thank you very much) at a Nike basketball camp in Guangdong, China. Though it's only one 3, and could've been a product of Simmons simply fooling around, the prospect of the star point guard adding an outside shot to his game for the 2018-2019 season is tantalizing to think about. Stay tuned.