James Harrison Is Now Hip Thrusting Almost 700 Pounds, And The Entire NFL Should Be Terrified

We get it, James Harrison—you work out.

Earlier today, the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker posted yet another insane training video, which shows him performing Hip Thrusts with 675 pounds:

I'm pretty sure a mortal man would snap in half under that kind of stress, but the 39-year-old Harrison is basically a superhero.

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The Hip Thrust is a great exercise for developing power in your glutes, which allow you to explosively extend your hips. Your hips are a crucial part of triple extension (the act of firing your ankles, knees and hips simultaneously), and weak hips can be a serious drag on your overall athletic performance. Obviously, Harrison doesn't have to worry about that. If you include Hip Thrusts in your routine, make sure to use a pad like Harrison—otherwise, you're going to be in for a very uncomfortable workout.