James Harrison's Behind-the-Back Clapping Push-Ups Are His Most Insane Fitness Feat Yet

James Harrison is stupid strong.

The 39-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker essentially lives inside the weight room and he's made a habit of showing off his insane training feats on Instagram. His latest one might be the craziest yet—a set of Behind-the-Back Clapping Push-Ups:

That's just an unbelievable display of power and body control from a 6-foot, 242-pound man.

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As cool as this looks, we can't recommend you follow Harrison's lead. The odds of you pulling this off are pretty slim (no offense), and even if you can do it, there's a high risk of injury. One mistimed landing and you could wind up with a fractured wrist. If Harrison's clip has you pumped up to knock out some Push-Ups, try one of these 10 safer (yet still plenty challenging) variations.