JaVale McGee Roasts Himself for Bricking a Wide-Open Dunk

There were so many tense moments last night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals that it can be easy to forgot one of the most hilarious ones. When Steve Kerr dusted off center JaVale McGee for the first time in months, some rustiness was bound to show itself. And it did.

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McGee found himself wide open after a gorgeous pass from Steph Curry, but instead of going up and throwing the ball down, he got himself rejected by the rim. Perhaps he didn't realize how close he was to the basket, perhaps he rushed himself to get the shot up. Whatever the case, it was bad.

After the game, McGee was self-aware enough to roast himself on Twitter for the blunder.

Perhaps JR Smith, who was guilty of the biggest blunder of the game when he attempted to run the clock out after securing an offense rebound...with the game tied, could take a page out of McGee self-deprecation.