Joel Embiid Is Dunking on Innocent Victims Again and Must Be Stopped

If you see Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid on a basketball court this summer, resist the temptation to join him. You might get a selfie, you might get a cool story to tell your homies, but in the end, the humiliation he'll rain down upon you just won't be worth it.

After dunking all over an unsuspecting victim while on vacation a few weeks ago, Embiid is back, this time taking to a local playground in Philly to ruin a young man's day.

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Embiid throws the ball off this poor guy's head, then takes him to the hole and windmill dunks directly in his face. We don't know if this kid is a 76ers fan or not, but Ben Simmons is definitely his favorite player now. He'll never cheer for Embiid again.